​A Spotlight on: Cameron Sondhi April 29th, 2020

Cameron Sondhi has been with Finatal since 2016, starting out in recruitment for the permanent management division, before being promoted to Head of Research in 2018. This month, he makes the move to Senior Consultant on the permanent finance team.

“Cameron has been a great edition to the team and brings with a wealth of experience from the Private Equity finance world, as well as an exceptional approach to candidate management,” says Nick Hague, Director of Finatal’s Permanent Finance team.

“He also has an encyclopaedic memory for candidates and their backgrounds, something that will be of massive benefit to him and our clients as he transitions into his new role.”

“The market’s response to my new role has been really positive so far,” says Sondhi. “It helps that many of the people I’m speaking to know me and the business already, and are open to a conversation.”

He says that his experience working with senior CFOs and senior finance candidates in his previous role has helped dramatically. “I can get under the skin of what will work in their business, and understand the culture, pressures and the calibre of team they need under them, having worked with them in the past as candidates.”

He has seen some increase in activity in the last week, with more businesses interviewing and on boarding remotely, in anticipation of some lockdown restrictions lifting.

“At the moment, it’s about educating clients to know that they can still hire remotely and that other people are still hiring out there,” he says. He recently placed a financial controller in a managed services business, a process which was completed entirely remotely in lockdown.

“We have already seen the benefits of having Cameron on board in the short time he has been on my team.  A lot of CFO’s and former candidates have reached out to him to congratulate him, to discuss recruitment needs, as well as to ask for his insight into the current market and how best to navigate these interesting times,” says Hague.

“It’s a pleasure to have him on board, and we’re all delighted with the way he’s taken to his new responsibilities.”

Get in touch with Cameron at [email protected]

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