How to Keep Active During Covid-19 Lockdown March 26th, 2020

Clara Tate, Consultant, Interim at Finatal, was training at the gym for two hours a day up to 7 days a week, in preparation for her first bodybuilding competition in June. Now, with the government lockdown, gyms closed and restrictions on exercise to once a day, she shares how she stays active and motivated.

“I find there is a negative knock-on effect on my productivity if I’m not staying active,” says Clara. She has been working from home for a fortnight, finding creative new ways to maintain her physical and mental health. “Sadly, my competition has been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean my training has. Bodybuilding is hard to maintain even at the best of times but I’ve picked up essential habits along the way that I’m doing my best to upkeep.”

Here are six ways Clara keeps active:

  • Walking. “The benefits of walking, for me, is that I get fresh air and a bit of a breather away from my computer,” she says, “As a recruiter, checking my phone doesn’t feel like a break, as I’m on it all day. So when I take my one exercise break outside a day to disconnect.”
  • Track Steps. “I try to hit 10,000 steps a day as a minimum” she says, ‘I use an Apple Watch, or just my phone, to track. It’s a fantastic motivator – even when you think you haven’t done much in the day, looking at your step count can be very uplifting.”
  • HIIT training. “20 minutes of HIIT gets the blood flowing and my energy levels up,” she says, “I’m less active at home compared to in the office, which I think most people may be finding in these last few weeks.”
  • Resistance Bands. “Resistance bands are a good alternative to the compound movements and free weights that comprise my normal training routine. I get creative, utilising the space that I have to still get a good workout.”
  • Protein up, biscuits down. “As much as it is tempting to eat chocolates and biscuits all day because I’m at home, I try and keep my protein intake high, from whole food sources. Protein also helps to feel fuller for longer, so I’m less in need of snacks!”
  • Mental Health. “I definitely prefer working in the office to being at home, so I use video conference tools like Microsoft Teams to maintain contact with my colleagues throughout the day,” she says. “In our industry, people are very much making an effort to have video calls to speak to people, and personally, I use Houseparty, Zoom or FaceTime to keep up with friends and family. You need to look after your mental as well as your physical health in these times so just because you’re self-isolating, doesn’t mean you need to be lonely!”

If you would like to get in touch with Clara you can reach her on [email protected] or 07751 653 712.

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